What We Do


The importance of education in developing countries cannot be overstated. Education can be the catalyst needed to pull families and communities out of the cycle of poverty. Knowledge gives children the power to dream of a better future and the confidence needed to pursue a full education, which in turn will help generations to come. Education in all different forms is key to breaking the cycle of poverty. It has an uplifting effect on other aspects of society that may seem totally unrelated, such as girls’ education lowering the number of prenatal deaths. The relationship between poverty and education is complex, but we know that education helps people make healthier and smarter decisions about their children, their livelihoods and the way they live. Education also has a significant role in the fight for children’s rights, both in teaching children what they can and should expect from adults, and in showing adults the benefits of respecting their children’s rights.

Education in all different forms is key to breaking the cycle of poverty.

Old Age Homes

Amma Charitable Trust is proud to announce that we have reached one more new milestone with the launch of Happy Old Age Home for neglected destitute elderly persons. We aim to provide the best of care to the elderly people in the home. We seek to enhance the quality of health, self sufficiency in each and every individual and ensure a homely atmosphere. The real concept of old age home is getting clear day by day to the people in our country which was beyond their imagination even before few decades. This has happened because of the radical changes that the person of our country has faced in many aspects but particularly in socio-economic scenario in the last twenty-five years. Abolishment of joint family system and introduction of small family arrangements has brought the urgent necessities of proper rehabilitation of the older generation people those were living under the shed of a joint family system in our society.

Transforming lives & changing the life of those who have no hope.

Health Care

Child poverty in India is a significant public health concern. Because child development during the early years lays the foundation for later health and development, children must be given the best possible start in life. Family income is a key determinant of healthy child development. Children in families with greater material resources enjoy more secure living conditions and greater access to a range of opportunities that are often unavailable to children from low-income families. On average, children living in low-income families or neighbourhoods have poorer health outcomes. Furthermore, poverty affects children’s health not only when they are young, but also later in their lives as adults. The health sector should provide services to mitigate the health effects of poverty, and articulate the health-related significance of child poverty, in collaboration with other sectors to advance healthy public policy.

Child poverty can make a impact on their health due to environment they live.

Blood Donation Camps

Blood is something that every healthy and unhealthy person needs for his survival. We have to stay healthy and keep others healthy too. We always have a feeling of doing something big in our lives. To help people in difficulties or emergencies is one big deed a human can do. Blood is very precious and loosing it can cause trouble to a person. Amma Charitable Trust has made an effort to reach out all those people who are in need of blood and save lives. We request you to be a part of our Club and donate blood to people who are in need of it. We should always remember that today if we come to someone's rescue tomorrow we will find people to help us as well. The idea behind this is to reach out to all the people who need blood in every nook and corner of Bangalore. Our blood donors club is an effort to educate and inspire the general public to donate blood, the precious gift of life in case of emergencies and need.

Help save a life, give the gift of Blood. Your blood can save 3 lives !

Social & Youth Awareness Programs

With the rapid growth in population and economy in India, new challenges have arisen needing highly professional and motivated interventions. These challenges are seen in diverse sectors such as Environment, Social welfare, education, public health, housing, etc. Amma Charitable Trust have decided to conduct a Social commitment and Awareness Program related to Blood Donation etc. Our intention is to spread the Awareness across the nation. With a focus on proper professional and organized approach, the program becomes stronger and sustainable as days progress.

Socio - Religious Programs

Religion clearly plays an important role in Indian life. Most Indians believe in a deity, three-fourths pray at least weekly, and more than half attend religious services at least monthly. We tend to think of religion in individual terms because religious beliefs and values are highly personal for many people. However, religion is also a social institution, as it involves patterns of beliefs and behavior that help a society meet its basic needs. More specifically, religion is the set of beliefs and practices regarding sacred things that help a society understand the meaning and purpose of life.